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I am Rohit Mahajan, grown up in a small city in India with big dreams. Started my entrepreneurial journey in 2011. Failed several times, fallen trillion times, but still trying to run. I started CloudMay in 2011 & started several projects in IT, Payments, Travel, Sales & Marketing. I love to read books, and love people who read books.
I am father of a handsome boy and a husband of beautiful wife. My Family has always been very supportive for my work. My father & grand-father has been a great inspiration for me to work to serve the society & the country.
I love to travel around the world. Meet new people. Try new cuisine. Experiment new things. Test new products. Watch new content. Read new books.
If you have anything interesting to talk about or you just want to talk to me, hit me up & I would love to hear about your story.
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